Your Local Peebles Accountant

Welcome, fellow Peebles business owner – I am so pleased you found me.

I am passionate about helping local business owners live the life they want to live and take home more money for them and their families to enjoy.

Because, I too, am a Peebles business owner and I want to see our community thriving.

Too many shops are closing on the high street.

Too many business owners are not able to live the dreams they had when they first started their business.

I want that to change.

I want to support you and your Peebles business.

Because I am a Peebles Accountant!


Traditionally, accountants have been so backward looking – only focusing on the amounts due to the tax man (or woman) 6 months after the year-end.

Sure that work needs to be done – but what drives your business forward is not by looking backward.

That is why we, as your accountants, we stand shoulder to shoulder with you, looking in the same direction – forward.

We are dedicated to your success as much are you are.

I want Peebles to be the shining beacon of the Borders when it comes to business success (actually – the shining beacon of Scotland)

Let’s do this together.