Annette Ferguson

Annette Ferguson

For me, the overwhelm happens when I feel out of control…I think it’s like that for a lot of people.

I know that if I feel out of control then I need to do a few things to fix that:

💥1) Asses my physical health – have I been exercising?
If I don’t exercise regularly it makes me feel like my physical health is suffering.
It makes me feel like my life is not in control if I don’t “have time” to exercise (BTW you do have time for everything you WANT to do – it’s about priorities)

💥2) Reviewing my business to do’s and systems – in my business, I start feeling out of control when I don’t have everything I need to do written down (either physically with pen and paper or virtually in our project management software) and feel like I am keeping things just in my head.
So to fix that feeling when it starts to rise up…I do a brain dump of what I need to get done.

💥3) Money. Feeling overwhelm can also be a result of lack of control over money. Lack of money management. I am thankful that I don’t have this one anymore…but I used to…
I used to be worried about opening the bank statements when they arrived…or checking the credit card bill. But now that I have that area under control it isn’t overwhelming anymore either.
To get your business finanaces under control you need to have a robust cash management strategy in place. A simple system that works. And you can get rid of the overwhelm around money too.💰

If you are feeling overwhelm around money then perhaps it’s time to be plugging the Business Wealth Engine into your business…PM me if this feels like it’s you and we can speak about how to do that…

Thanks ever so much for taking the time to read my post I truly hope you’ve found it useful and insightful. If you have any questions feel free to contact us!

I am Annette Ferguson, CEO of Annette & Co. Chartered Accountant, Profit First Professional and creator of the Business Wealth Engine. We’re also SUPER social so don’t forget to follow. Here’s to your success!