Why Your Side Hustle Will Always Be Just That

Annette Ferguson

Annette Ferguson

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I have a theory…now hear me out on this…I’m going to start with my story…

I didn’t really do the job and side hustle thing for very long – but I did have a husband who’s income alone we could comfortably live off.

And before we made the decision 100% that we would move to a place in our lives where he would become a stay at home dad, there was really very little pressure on me to make my business stand on it’s own two feet financially. 

It was delivering pocket money to my family (despite having 6-figure sales – but that’s another story!)…but I didn’t REALLY need to deliver financially – my feet were not being held to the fire.

And, from what I have observed, that is often the case with people who have a well paying job as well as a running a “side hustle”. 

The job is funding your life…and there is not enough pressure to make the business financially sound, financially healthy. The money from the job keeps the business afloat.

Now there are exceptions to everything – and some people HATE their jobs and are desperate to leave – and if that’s you, then you are probably thinking I am speaking rubbish.


If you have a nice job, it pays well, you like your co-workers, you enjoy the work you are doing – then, I believe, there is perhaps just not enough pressure to force you to really dive in head first…your feet are, perhaps, not being held to the fire enough (it’s really hard to do that ourselves).

Do you really want to make your side hustle your full time one? Or actually do you want to stay in your job? (Which, by the way is completely ok and I am not judging anyone that wants to have a job rather than a business)

What do you think?

Why are you still in your job whilst working on your side hustle?

Is there something you could be doing to help create more of that sense of necessity to help you go all in with that side hustle, if that is truly what you want to do? 

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