Annette Ferguson

Annette Ferguson

When Your Facebook Ad Spend is a Complete Waste of Money
If you are currently getting on discovery calls and have less than a 50% close rate (i.e. less than 50% become buyers) then your issue, and lack of clients, is not due to a lack of leads.
Your problem is one thing.
 Your message is not attracting your ideal client who is ready to commit to working with you.
That is it.
It’s not that you need to drive traffic so you can speak to more people – sure sometimes these things come down to numbers, but not when you have a low call to buyer ratio.
Understand the data.  It is so key to business success.
Too many business owners are not looking at the data to make decisions and it’s causing a MASSIVE waste of money, time and energy.
If you are a 6-figure entrepreneur and feel like you are not taking enough money home from your business…if you are ready to start making data-driven decisions…then pop “Let’s talk” in the comments…and we can have a chat to see if the Business Wealth Engine would be a good place for you.

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