What do you do?

Annette Ferguson

Annette Ferguson

what do you do?
Why is the answer to that question our job? 

Why is the answer not – I love running, knitting and travelling the world as a digital nomad? 

Why does it have to be – I’m an accountant (!) or I run a business?
We are being defined as people by how we earn (or don’t earn) money and not by who we are as a person. 

Is it any wonder that people’s relationship with money is often so messed up when it seems to be so engrained in society as a way of defining WHO we are – with such a huge link between “what do you do” and the answer being the way in which we generate money.

We need to start changing the way we think about money and how it defines who we are. 

What do you do is such a lazy question. 

Designed to start a bland conversation and (usually) elicits a boring answer. 
But the effects of that question are wide spread. 

It links the way we earn money to the way we (and other people) define us. 
We are not defined by money. 

Money is neither good nor bad; it is not the solution to our problems or the route of all evil.So stop letting money define who you are and let’s change your money story and flip your money feelings. 

And next time someone asks you – what do you do – come up with a much cooler answer 😉

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