UWR 047 Start loving delegation more than control

In today’s episode, I am speaking about loving delegation more than control. So let’s dive in. There are three types of business owner. One, everything is delegated, they abdicate responsibility for everything in their business to somebody else. Then they get peeved off when they don’t know what’s happening, they feel out of control and they end of any complete mess.

Two, nothing is delegated at all, the business owner keeps as much for themselves as they possibly can, feeling like they may as well do it themselves anyway. They’ve tried in the past to hand off stuff and it’s come back to them anyway. Or three, managing a team, leading a team and coaching a team. You have a team of awesome people doing great work together, knowing what is expected of them, and they are managed to matrix and targets. By far the least stressful and most successful is version three. When you manage, lead and coach your team, that means you can also delegate work to your team, you are clear on the outcomes you expect from them, and they understand that.

Every other version leads to high stress and a toxic relationship with your business. So how do we make sure that we can delegate well, empower our teams, and ensure that they are performing awesomely for our business? Well, that’s about you, not them. It’s about how you lead them, not how they work. It’s not about trying to control your team, it’s about empowering your team. And these things can only be done if you are ensuring you are their trainer, their coach, their mentor, and their leader. Any one of these things missing, and the likelihood is those things you delegate, will end up back on your plate and you’ll have the feeling of wanting to fire everyone, and take everything back to do it yourself anyway.

I know I’ve had that feeling before. We need to ensure that our team are really clear on our expectations, they cannot read minds. We need to have regular check-ins to keep everything on track. That does not mean that you post to do’s and slack, and then just expect everything to be done. That means proper all team daily checking calls. It means individual ones to ones each week and the like. And it means really managing and leading. It means communicating the matrix and targets that you expect every person to be hitting, and probably having some hard conversations if they don’t. But, in order to move your business to that next level, this is the stuff you need to practise and become good at. This is this stuff you need to get comfortable with.

You need to love delegating to your team, and seeing them thrive with what you’ve given them. Yes, they may not have done things the way that you would exactly do them but, that is a training and mentoring opportunity, not something to get annoyed about. I hope that you’ve enjoyed this episode on Uncover Wealth Radio, and it might encourage you to loosen the reins of control just ta tad and start delegating more in your business to really step into leadership. And whilst we’re here, I would love to let you know about the next Wealth Lab that is happening inside of the Uncover Wealth community.

The Wealth Lab runs from November 11 to 15, and during it we will be building out your profit plan to release your next six figure take home from your business. Head to annetteandco.co.uk/wealthlabnov19, which of course is a bit of a mouthful so the link is also in the show notes, and you can register your place. Thank you so much for listening. Until next time, let’s find the clarity in your numbers, increase your wealth and get more money in your pockets.

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