Under 100k should focus on one revenue stream

Annette Ferguson

Annette Ferguson

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If your business is generating under 100k a year in revenue then I urge to only focus on one revenue stream in your business. 

What I see too often is entrepreneurs spreading themselves too thinly and are trying to have multiple streams of revenue feeling that that is the way for them to reach that 100k mark. 

But actually what happens is they end up spreading themselves way too thin and are trying to promote too many things on their own (because there is no team at that level) and they end up not managing to focus on one key thing in the right way in order to get it to where they want it to be. 

So yes, once you get it past 100k you can add a second revenue stream for example but when under that 100k level I highly highly urge to you to stick to one revenue stream so that you grow that stream to where you want to be much faster!

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