Time for a pricing review?

Annette Ferguson

Annette Ferguson

the pricing review

Today in a FB group I saw a post which read along the lines of… 

“I have just started a VA business and we are the cheapest rates I have ever seen, no one is cheaper, we charge 70cents an hour” 

 (Yes seriously that was the price) “How do I get clients, no one is buying from us?” 

The thing is, I don’t want to trust my business to someone being paid 70 cents an hour (and in fact their team would be getting a lot less than that). 

You see only 20% of buyers purchase based SOLEY on price. 

We can often think if we get a “no”, if we get a proposal rejected that price is the issue. 

Sometimes our prospect will even tell us it is – but the thing is, that’s the easy reply for them…to say “well I just don’t like you” – that’s going to be much harder! So price is used often as a nice excuse. 

So when you are thinking about your pricing are you actual pushing buyers away because your price is too low? Might people think that you must not be able to deliver the results they want because you are too cheap? 

Time for a pricing review??

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