What if you could get my exact system to find clarity in your numbers, increase your wealth and have more money in your pocket?

In short - more FREEDOM

The system that turned my business from one where I took out VERY little money for 5 years, into the business that now supports me and my family 100%?

What if you too could crack the code that keeps so many business owners not taking home the money they should be for themselves and their family?

What would your life look like, if you were able to take the money out of your business that you want, to fully support your family, and to have fun, to have freedom?

Want clarity in your numbers, increased wealth and more money in your pocket?

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Want to see a profit impact in as little as two months?

The Business Wealth Engine is the only program that helps you put laser focus on the take home you have from your business and multiply your profit in minimal time. Students who start implementing start seeing positive results within two months...

So imagine what kind of results they see in a year to 18 months! 

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Simon Vincenzi

Until last year I was focused only on growing revenues. 

However it did not matter how much money we were making, we always ended up with zero in our bank account at the end of the month.

I was frustrated.

In particular because I did not know where the problem was.  So I did not know how to fix it.

Then I met Annette Ferguson.

I was intrigued by the concepts she was sharing so we began working with her.

And the result?

We have never had so much money in the bank account!

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Does the thought of keeping REALLY on top of the numbers in your business make you want to stick pins in your eye?

Yes, you know that someone should be looking at that stuff…but man all that detail…it’s not, in any way, exciting…

You want to be selling…

You want to be connecting with your community…

You want to be building your legacy...

You know that this is an area you are currently neglecting…and it is causing stress and unpredictability…

Yes, you have an accountant, and/or a bookkeeper, but the stuff they give you (if they give you much at all), that does not help you achieve your goals, it’s just a load of numbers every so often...trivial meaningless drudgery…and really nothing that is truly supporting the direction you are headed, that supports your vision and your future.

Yes, you have an accountant, and/or a bookkeeper, but the stuff they give you (if they give you much at all), that does not help you achieve your goals, it’s just a load of numbers every so often...trivial meaningless drudgery…and really nothing that is truly supporting the direction you are headed, that supports your vision and your future.

You have big goals and plans.

And to impact all the people you want to impact, you know that a real eye on this side of the business can’t be swept under the carpet forever…

I know that you don’t want ALL the detail but instead want to have a weekly Dashboard that tells you if you are on track to reach all your goals and lead your business as the CEO you are. But you have no idea how you would set that up, or even really what you need to monitor to drive results. 

I know that you don’t want to have to do the mundane numbers tasks yourself but want someone to just fix it all and take it off your plate (and your VA can do that - it doesn’t have to be you) 


At the moment you are leaving money in the table in your business - I want to help you get it out

At the moment you have money leaks in your business - I want to help plug those for you.

At the moment you have a great business - I want to help you make that truly awesome

In the last few months alone we have guided our clients to achieve:

  • £100k a year to £100k months (within 6 months)

  • Increasing the money their business gives them personally by 202%

  • Getting rid of a program that was actually making a loss (but they couldn’t see it without clear Dashboards)

  • Decrease membership churn by 7%

  • Taking home more monthly than their annual revenue in the previous year (within 8 months)

  • Exposing a 40% failed payment rate in one of a clients programs that they were completely unaware of 

  • Reducing FB Ad spend (by 4%) whilst increasing revenue and profit 

I am not a marketer.  

We don’t get these types of results from new branding or fancy website re-builds.

I am a Chartered Accountant.

We help 5, 6 and 7 figure entrepreneurs find clarity in their numbers, increase their wealth and take lots more money home through our proven Business Wealth Engine (BWE)

We get results by teaching you to understanding and analysing the data and financial strategy in your business - by showing you (or someone in your team) how to have a very close eye and control on the numbers and as a result increasing revenue, profits and importantly, your take home.

The systems and strategies we teach to get these results are not ones that you need to manage at all - but it is important that you understand the fundamentals.  You can even get your VA to do it if you don’t want to do it yourself (but understand how important it is).  

Plug the Business Wealth Engine into your business. 


Our stress levels have reduced and our financial clarity has increased greatly.

We actually get to enjoy our money and business growth and now feel like we are accomplishing something brilliant while being supported.

Charlotte Bromilow

What is it?
Let's start with...

What this does not include:
A rebrand
Fancy, costly marketing techniques
Scaling like crazy

What is is....
The Business Wealth Engine is a 12-month group program with me and my team.
We dig deep into the numbers (you don't have to share any £ with others in the program if you do not want to - you can keep your exact £ confidential)
We explain all the financial stuff in tiny details so you never again have to worry about not "getting" this numbers stuff
We show you how to run your business using data - like the true CEO you are
We get your Profit Plan working for you and use that to drive your businesses financials
And much, much more...

Support and help with me and my team... each and every week.
Online trainings to keep you on track
Direct access to me in order to help you.
Everything you next to massively level-up your profitability, your take home and your financial savvy-ness.

Not only will there be the video tutorials and homework, you will have access to me via our private FB group, opportunities for 1-2-1 sessions with me as well as group Live Q&A sessions.
And for a limited amount of time the investment in the Business Wealth Engine  Program is  £197+VAT per month (12 month commitment) 

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I would love to have you in the Business Wealth Engine

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But we’re only accepting new business owners for a few more days! You have until Tuesday, September 10th to invest in the program. We’re closing it up to new entrepreneurs so I can focus completely on all my new students!
Ready to generate more bottom line profit in your business?

Let’s make this your best year in business yet.

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Let's head strong into 2020 (it will be here before we know it!!) 

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Meet Annette

I am a mum of 2 small children, entrepreneur, runner, and an avid reader of business books.

I started my accounting firm, Annette & Co in 2009, and have learnt the hard way on many things in business - but thankfully, I have managed to build a business that fully supports me and my family (my husband is now a stay at home dad) and fully enables us to live the life we want to live (we have just returned from travelling around Europe for 6 months as a family) and I want the same for you too.

I have worked with hundreds of business owners over the years, and dealt will all types of businesses and industries. 

I’m focused on you, your business and your lifestyle. My goal is to help you meet your true potential and live out your dreams by building a highly profitable business that enhance every aspect of your life. With my unique experience, skills and success from both the online and offline world I’m able to teach people how to build profitable, sustainable businesses without compromising their quality of life or sacrificing freedom, fun and love.

So let's do this together.

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