The first 100-days in business are the most important for customers.

Annette Ferguson

Annette Ferguson

I read recently that across all industries in western businesses between 20% to 70% of customers leave within the first 100-days of joining. 

So, you do all this work upfront to get people in, for them to engage with your services and then often the onboarding can be not so good of an experience and they leave.

Two things for you to do today: 

  1. I want you to find out how many of your customers/clients are leaving within the first 100 days. Hopefully it’s significantly below that industry standard.
  2. Then set yourself a new target and plan how you can optimise that experience to ensure they get an awesome first 100-day experience.
 Thoughts & Considerations:

An onboarding email journey is a great way of engaging with new customers. If you already have a journey set up maybe it’s time to review your results to see if you can improve open rates etc. 

If you don’t have an onboarding email journey, why not; this could prevent you from losing 20% to 70% of your customers in the first 100-days…might be worth testing don’t you think? 

Facebook Groups: 
Keep your customers in the social loop; groups are a fantastic way of doing this! 

Be Human: 
What a lot of businesses fail at is oddly ‘being human’ what’s stopping you from picking up the phone, asking for feedback, asking those customers that have left you so you can make the necessary improvements to your onboarding that’s completely customer lead.

If something is working well in your business and you are retaining clients after 100-days/ are above these industry standards then please comment and let us know what’s working for you in your business.

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