Take Control

Annette Ferguson

Annette Ferguson

Take Control

Too many people are complaining about things in their life and business that they can change, that they CAN control, and yet are doing NOTHING about it.

Don’t like what shows up in your newsfeed – you have full control of that – defriend, unfollow, unlike – your newsfeed is in your control (even the adverts – you are targeted on your past behaviour – likes, mailing lists you’ve signed up for, websites you’ve visited)

Don’t like that you have clients who call you at all hours of the day placing unrealistic demands on you – you have control of that – get rid of the client, or establish firm boundaries with them.

Don’t like the way your body looks – you control what you feed yourself, you control how much you exercise – it’s amazing how much you can change your body shape.

Don’t like that you don’t have enough clients – you control what client generating activities you are doing – you control how much action you are actually taking in your business to move it forward.

Don’t like how much profit you are making and how much you are taking home – you control that too – you control costs so you control profit.

You see, so many things are within our control yet we are not controlling those things properly, and complaining about them.  (of course there are things that are not, and trying to control things that are not controllable is not what I am speaking about here – perhaps a topic for another post!).

Take back control.

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