Spending Time On What Matters To You!

Annette Ferguson

Annette Ferguson

Chartered Accountants, Financial, Accounting, Profit First Professional

Hey Money Makers!

If you are one of those people that feels like you are never getting enough done, and you are not achieving what you are wanting to achieve, and are generally feeling a bit ‘Meh’ I have this task for you.

What I want you to do is write down your top 5 priorities that you have in your life. That might be family, health your business and write those down in order. 

Then I want you to go back though your calendar, through the last 30-days and see if you are allocating your time in accordance with those priorities. 

If you are not currently allocating your time in accordance with those priorities that probably why you are feeling a bit crappy about the time you are spending doing things and not achieving the things in life you are wanting to achieve. 

Therefore what you need to do is take action and move yourselves towards a place where you are spending your time doing those things that are of the highest priority to you and letting other things slip by the wayside. 

Take care everyone.

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