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One of the best ways to sell in your business is selling through serving.

What does it mean when it is selling through serving?

Selling through serving is basically delivering at your highest level: both in your free content and your programs and services. As you show up with great content for the public, you get to attract people into your business. It’s essentially putting your brand out there, giving it a boost in reputation.

Why It Works: Selling Through Serving

This is not only the best but also the easiest way to sell because all you’re doing is delivering massive value. Wherever you show up, whether it’s in your free or paid content, making sure you are serving at the highest possible level in that place is going to help solidify your brand. You are basically setting your market value by showing that you serve your clients and customers immense value without them having to spend money. It will naturally get to the point where people will be the ones who will flock to you. They will see that you are laying everything you can on the table to serve them better.

How Much to Give?

Some people get worried about serving and giving incredible value in their free content. In all honesty, most people won’t actually implement what you give in your free content anyway. They’ll want the support from you as the expert in order to help implement what you’re sharing. Do not be worried about giving incredible value in your free content. That is you being of service to your audience. It is that service that drives the sales in your business.

Where to Begin

Think about what you can offer to maximize your service. Is it a podcast, a YouTube channel, or is it something else? Think about what you can do and what you can layer into your existing content and programs. Doing this does not mean you’re giving away freebies. Instead, take it as you giving all that you can for the price your clients are paying for.

Take time to plan on how you’ll go about it and make sure to implement it. The implementation is where the magic happens.

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