Annette Ferguson

Annette Ferguson

People In Your Next Level Team

I believe that we need 3 people in our team to get us to the next level…

 1) A mentor that is 2 steps ahead of us
2) A mentor that is 1 step ahead of us
3) A fellow entrepreneur who is where we are – in the trenches if you will
In all honesty – I don’t always have all 3..but the times I do…that is when I get the biggest leaps in my business.  That is why I feel like I can achieve everything…achieve all my goals…
I think, with this infrastructure in place in our business that helps us get to the next level without the stress that comes from trying to do it all yourself (yep – been there too!)
Why not learn from others that have walked in our shoes?  It just makes the most sense to me…it’s almost like a shortcut…learn from their wisdom…and their mistakes…
Who do you have in your support team that fills these roles?

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