Business is not a blueprint!

Ask better questions in business

Are your thoughts serving you?

The 4 Minute Mile in business

The 4 Minute Mile in Business

Remember the 4 minute mile wasn’t possible...until it was and now lots of people can run a 4 minute mile. It’s the same in business! If somebody, somewhere in the world is doing what you want to be doing in your business then it is possible for you to do the same. Even if it’s just one person...remember. You can too!

The First 100-days

The First 100-days.

I read recently that across all industries in western businesses between 20% to 70% of customers leave within the first 100-days of joining. So, you do all this work upfront to get people in, for them to engage with your services and then often the onboarding can be not so good of an experience and they leave.

The 18% Rule by Annette Ferguson

The 18% Rule; Perfect for employers.

Wondering how much you should be paying contractors, freelancers, personal assistants, employees and team members? Regardless of your company set-up here is our 18% rule that will keep your business financially healthy while ensuring you don't stifle your businesses growth. 

Do you really need an Office?

Do you really need an office? Discover a new way of working that could save your business thousands of pounds a year!

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