Angela's Case Study

Angela Client

From not taking any money home for 4 years to consistently taking home over £1.5k per month, within 4 months of working together.

When Angela came to us she had reached her – enough is enough – point.

She had been running her business for around 4 years and had only ever been putting money (as well as blood, sweat, and tears – literally) into her business each month. She was really starting to get down about it and needed things to change for the sake of her sanity.

We worked with Angela very closely and implemented the Business Wealth Engine model in her business.

The first thing was getting rid of those money leaks – and there a LOT of them! We cut over £2k per month in costs from her business…and it had no detrimental effect on how she was running her business or the growth path that she wanted to be on.

What it did do, is free up money for her every month to take a salary of £1,500 consistently, as well as a quarterly dividend of around £800 a quarter, and have money set aside for her tax bill so when it came time to pay the tax man, there was no last minute panics.

Angela has told us that the work we did with her has saved her business and it means that she is now able to contribute to her family finances each month now too.

David's Case Study

David Client

No longer need to worry about tax bills

David runs a successful coaching business, but, like many online entrepreneurs, had the shiny object addiction when it came to purchasing online course and App Sumo! Which ended up with him receiving a tax bill that he just did not have the money for.

That is when David got in touch with us.

He was fed up of the feast and famine that he felt was happening in his business, and fed up having to always panic when it came time to pay tax.

We got David onto our Business Wealth Engine program and the feast and famine soon was fixed.

David moved from never (and I mean never in the 5 years he had run his business) having enough money set aside to pay the tax bill, to now having the VAT all accounted for, the corporation tax all accounted for, and his personal tax all accounted for – way ahead of having to pay that over to HMRC. No more having to agree on payment plans or panics when it came to the tax man.

David has told us that the work we have done together has meant that he has never had more cash in his business and he has no more waking up in the night in a cold sweat type panics.

Here's what Our Clients Have to say...

Motti Essakow, director, rythms/omward bound

Motti Essakow

Director, Rythms/Omward Bound Ltd

A true example of a best practice flag waver for the Richmond and UK accounting sector. Annette is someone who is incredibly smart and savvy and who has perfected the art of making the complex seem simple. A person who truly cares by providing personalized and individualized services tailored to meet and exceed the needs of the individual and their company.

Anna Wright - Rough House Ltd

Ann Wright

Director, Rough House Ltd.

We moved our accountancy to Annette a number of years ago and have been very happy with the service provided. The advice they provide is excellent – they have transformed the way we run our accounts and saved us thousands of pounds in tax as a result.

Neil Young, Director - Testimonial

Neil Young


It’s really clear now what we need to do to have a profitable business and I am so much clearer on my vision.

I love and enjoy the numbers now - Anna from Inkspiller
Just saved 5K in Tax thanks to Annette&Co.
For the first time in my business I understand my numbers - Julie from Urban B
My favourite part of my week is moving my money around

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