It’s such a buzz phrase right now, isn’t it?

Running a 6-figure business…

But what many people don’t tell you is – those people touting that they can get your business to 6-figures, don’t focus AT ALL on how much money you actually get to KEEP in your pocket.

The result – you hit that 6-figure VANITY metric – but you take NO MORE money home than you are now…EEEK (yes, seriously – I’ve seen it happen over and over again).

That is why the FOCUS Incubator is MASSIVELY different – because, yes, we focus on getting you to 6-figures in your business, but we also have the joint focus of getting you to taking home £5k per month (after tax) CONSISTENTLY (minimum)

So who is the Business WEALTH Engine for?

  • Online or service based business owners

  • Entrepreneurs fed up of not taking the money home from their business that they feel they should be at this level

  • Those people delivering awesomeness to their clients/customers

So who is the Business WEALTH Engine for?

1) Weekly Zoom Calls with Me, Annette Ferguson

These are strategic sessions, where we move through all phases of the Business WEALTH engine (there are 6 stages, and we cover one per week).

2) Online videos and homework (!)

Some of the things that I will be showing you, I have put together in pre-recorded modules and homework, so that we can move through this process without confusion and efficiently. I don’t want to waste any of your precious time getting this stuff in place.

3) Unlimited access to me between our scheduled calls

As you are going through the process, if you have any questions, anything you are not sure of, or anything you’d like me or my team to review – you can just pop it over to us to do that, or ask the question – no problem at all – this is an intensive mentorship program with full access to me.

Our Next Start Date

Our next start date will be starting on 18th June – so if you want to have a chat and see if the Business Wealth Engine might be a good fit for you and your business then, you’ll need to click the button below and fill in the form…

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