Our Values, Goals, and Mission

The values of Annette & Co. are something that each and every employee is passionate about and are ingrained in the business




The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.

We, of course, have our professional code of ethics to abide by, but, for us, integrity goes much deeper than just a set of rules. Integrity is about always acting in the right way, even if no one is watching. It’s about always striving to do our best for our clients.

Think Like Our Clients

Annette Ferguson

Your business is your business. You know it really well…and we want to know it as well as you do. We work closely with our clients to get a really great understanding of what keeps you awake at night. We want to have as strong a grasp on your business as you do, so that we can help you in the best way possible.

Always Learning

We are passionate about, not only, keeping up to date with relevant accounting legislation, but learning key techniques and tips that we can pass onto clients if we think what we have learnt will help their business growth and success.



Is to help you understand your business finances, help you take home (a lot) more money from your business (i.e make a lot more profit), grow your business, and achieve the success you want for your business – whatever that success looks like to you. Too many entrepreneurs are living off the financial scraps of their business and not taking home the money they should be. Our mission, as well as keeping you legal with HMRC and Companies House, of course, is to make sure that this is not you – to make sure that you are taking money out of your business. For you to be enjoying the figbnancial rewards of running your business.

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