Money Makers Myth #005 – I Just Need a Few More Sales And Then I’ll Be Profitable

Annette Ferguson

Annette Ferguson

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You can’t sell your way out of poor financial health.
You can’t sell your way out of a lack of profit.

Profit is something which needs to be ingrained in your business – full stop.  
If it’s an afterthought. If it’s not properly planned, then it doesn’t happen…no matter how many more sales you make.

It’s really important to make sure your business is profitable before you start trying for growth, before you start to scale, because if it’s not profitable now, all you’ll end up doing is running out of cash even faster as you scale up.

So step 1 – establish a financially healthy business i.e. one that is profitable.

Step 2 – grow and increased sales.

It’s just not possible to be financially healthy otherwise, it’s not possible to achieve financial freedom and it’s not possible to build a financially sustainable business.

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