Money Makers Myth #003 – I need to hire staff asap, I read it in the emyth.

Annette Ferguson

Annette Ferguson

Money Maker Myth #03
I believe that too many people are reading the Emyth and concluding that they need to outsource pretty much everything in their business straight away…and that’s just not the case, not in reality.

Yes, it’s really important to move from a do-er in your business to a marketer…absolutely…but you need to make sure that your business is PROFITABLE FIRST.

Scaling without profitability means that you just have a bigger cash-eating monster (ie out of control financially unhealthy business) to feed.

Before you move to getting in a tonne of staff and/or freelancers…make sure that all your work is profitable…that all your customers/clients are delivery you profit…if you don’t have that piece, all that happens is that you run out of money even faster if you begin to scale without the profit in place.

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