Annette Ferguson

Annette Ferguson

I have heard dozens of definitions of money.

“It is a tool for freedom.”
“It is the source of happiness.”
“It is the root of all evil.”

All those definitions are wrong.

Money is neither good nor bad.

Ultimately, it doesn’t offer freedom or manifest evil.

Money amplifies your character.

It is that simple.

It allows you to repeat your ingrained habits easily.

And unless you have developed a strong, humble character coupled with good habits, more and more money will become more and more of a problem.

For example, if you have a drug addiction (a bad habit) and you get tons of money you are likely to do more drugs. Money amplifies the bad habit. It amplifies the character.

What about Mother Teresa? What happened when she got tons of money? She used it to serve more orphanages. She used it to do more of her good habits.

Here too, money amplifies character.

My advice: Be very aware of your existing habits.

Know who you are and know your character intimately.

Master yourself.

Build a foundation of great habits.

Then when the money comes, good things will happen.

Money amplifies your character. It has no judgement.

It just enables you to be more of you.

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