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30 Days worth of journaling prompts to explore your relationship with money and your financial mindset.

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Money Journal Guide

I have put up a guide for you to study and to help you in your business activities.

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We can bring all sorts of money thoughts and ideas into our business that, perhaps we are not even 100% aware of. Things that we were told as children, things that our partner has said – and all of it impacts how we make money.

Using these journal prompts you can begin to self-coach to explore your relationship with money, wealth and cash and thereby to support your journey to taking home more money from your business for you and your family to enjoy

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Get to know

Annette Ferguson

Greetings Entrepreneur!

Annette Ferguson is a Chartered Accountant, Certified Profit First Professional, profit mentor and income strategist.  Annette is also known as “The Money Magician” who helps 6/7/8 figure service-based entrepreneurs and business owners find clarity in their numbers, increase their wealth and take more money home from their business for them and their family to enjoy.  She is also the CEO of Annette & Co.

For the first 5 years (out of 11 years) in running her business, Annette was not taking home the money she should have been for the revenue level of the business, and began resenting it.  

She reached her enough-is-enough moment with it and transformed it from a business that was contributing next to nothing to her family to becoming the sole breadwinner 18 months later; taking care of financial control of her business and paying in a consistent and reliable income each and every month. Her business profit turn-around started when she developed a robust and implementable Profit Plan.

Annette created the Uncover Wealth Community, she is the host and coach of this exclusive free group and community which support (primarily) serviced based business owners to uncover the wealth hidden within their business.

I feel like I am putting myself in the position of others, so I feel them the way they put up their concerns and issues about their problems towards their business and milestone to take upon, so it is my greatest pleasure to share my learning. 

I will be glad to help you with your financial management and income strategies.

money journaling prompt 1