Are you looking for a role with a pro-active accounting firm who love helping our clients achieve higher profits and geek out on digital marketing?

We are small but fast growing business


Head of Sales & Marketing

Annette & Co. is an Accounting & Consulting Company that work with 6 and 7 figure business owners to uncover hidden wealth, plug money leaks and increase owners take home pay for UK businesses

As an outside sales representative for Annette & Co. your role will be to connect directly and indirectly with our target market in a meaningful way to generate sales and leads on a daily basis- all while working remotely!

This role is perfect for a dynamic individual who loves variety and social media. This position includes a base hourly rate in addition to commissions and bonuses based on sales targets being met and achieved.

If you are looking for a launchpad for a successful career in social media sales (want to learn the inner workings of a small business) and have the drive and motivation to learn the most up to date and highly leveraged strategies of the day apply now by completing the following application form:


Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

* Emails, posts, messaging campaigns and tagging during the sales process to ensure sales targets are met

* Creating and editing promotional videos for whatever the relevant offer is that you are promoting that week 

* Outbound messaging campaigns delivering content, promoting products and following up on leads until a sale is successful (estimated 300-500 messages per day) 

* Creative “stories” designed and delivered for use on Instagram and Facebook 

* Pitching and PR related tasks including pursuing sponsorship opportunities, brand deals and partnerships, TV appearances, top rated podcast spots and radio shows 

* Ongoing follow-up with our “celebrity” targets for brand representation 

* Copywriting for emails to mailing list for both promotions as well as content 

* Promotion, growth and content splicing/uploading generation for IGTV 

* Management of instagram feed, pre-planning and loading of pictures and stories, content editing to match aesthetic

* Create, coordinate and execute Marketing Calendar 

* Follow-up weekly via email or social media DM with new leads to set up the next step in the sales cycle 

* Design, prepare and send email Newsletter (in Ontraport)

* Create, post and promote valuable content to social media sites daily including pre-scheduled content

* Research and secure opportunities for free business publicity (eg: repurpose articles by securing guest blogging and podcasting opportunities) 

Send out a weekly emails to the distribution list in the form of articles, blog posts, case studies, promotions, up-coming events and client success stories 

* Create, prepare and send nurturing touches to leads including post cards, brochures, sales letters, flyers and gifts in alignment with the budget and resources available 

* Research and coordinate mini-informational sessions and webinars to build relationships with potential future clients 

* Update distribution list. Ensure new leads are entered into the contact management system weekly with notes 

* Conduct market research/positioning/surveys of current and past clients to design future sales and marketing campaigns 

* Send follow-up information as requested to warm leads before transitioning to the team as appropriate 

* Basic website updates and maintenance using WordPress 

* Creation of simple landing pages using Ontraport 

* Proofreading and Editing 

* Manage referral marketing campaign 

Familiarity using the following programs is an advantage: Ontraport, WordPress, Hootsuite, Slack, Google Drive, Lastpass, Canva

**This individual will be responsible for identifying and learning new and different technology and programs to be used in sales and marketing efforts. 

The ideal candidate loves being a part of a team but is comfortable taking the the lead and working independently. 

Must be a self starter who loves learning and enjoys taking on new and different projects and initiatives. 

Entrepreneurial spirit coupled with a strict focus on the profitability and results of all endeavours. 

Connecting with others (via Direct Message primarily) is a major part of this role. 

Writing skills including impeccable spelling, grammar and punctuation are critical. 

Attention to detail is paramount due the high level of interface this person will have with the market. 

Responsible for tracking the ROI on all activities and presenting the bottom line impact of activities and tasks being completed on a variety of fronts. 

This role is ever-changing. 

Flexibility and adaptability are key

Lots of training and support will be given.

This person ultimately must have an eye for photography, enjoy video editing and engaging with PEOPLE in real conversations online each day.

To truly do the role well, someone must be able to drive the volume of touches but also understand how to conversationally insert calls to action so that each day you specifically can see:

● New leads being qualified and added to pipeline

● New prospects in Facebook group for prospects 

● Leads converting from stories and short form content

● Conversations moving from online to offline into consultations and direct sales

● Email list growth

Daily metrics and targets will be in place for each of the above to measure outcomes on daily basis not just action.

 You will be responsible for managing our social selling VA and marketing assistant VA which are both also currently also being recruited for.


This is a full time position – 40 hours a week. 

You will be expected to work UK hours – Monday to Friday 9am-5pm (one hour of breaks durning the day, fully paid)

You are entitled to paid holiday which is calculated based on average hours worked in the previous 6 weeks

Pay will be basic per hour plus commission and bonuses on sales targets being met

Starting salary will be USD 8 per hour with the ability to progress (below you can find our VA progression track) – this role is deemed to be at the level of Project Lead. 

You should therefore have the appropriate experience to justify entering the business at this level.  



* Very high standard of written English

* High attention to detail

* Ability to work independently but likes being part of a team

* Able to take responsibility for your own work and output

* Ability to work to targets and deadlines

* Ability to make independent decisions around a process framework

* Own computer and mobile (must have the ability to use the Instagram App) with strong internet connection


You will be required to have your own (new) social media profiles set up to promote our business – this will be on Facebook and LinkedIn. 


Reminder – to apply:

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