Annette Ferguson

Annette Ferguson

Everyday my children try new things, push themselves, and are not constrained by boundaries and what they SHOULD be doing…because they don’t know.

They are free to dream and to explore themselves, as people, without fear of judgement.

As we grow up we often lose that. We are constrained by what society thinks we SHOULD do. By how other people think we SHOULD behave.

But why should THEY decide the person we are? Why should THEY decide the life we live?

It’s in OUR control. It’s OUR gift to choose the life we want – we just have to listen to ourselves and chose our own path.

Because it’s OUR fault…everything is OUR fault…the good stuff that happens, the bad stuff that happens – it’s ALL down to us…and it all depends on the things we CHOSE.

Nothing is forced on us – it doesn’t matter our upbringing, it doesn’t matter where we live, it doesn’t matter what our parents told us growing up.

Only WE can decide how our life goes. Only WE can decide our life’s story.

No one else gets to do that.

Chose YOUR story.

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