Annette Ferguson

Annette Ferguson

I Was Never Good at Maths

Looking at your business finances with the lense of – I can’t do this, I am no good at this, I’ll never understand this – is not going to help you have a financially healthy business.

You are the CEO of your business and you NEED to get good at looking at numbers – it’s not a choice, you have no option, you just need to get over it – sorry – but it’s true.
For your business to be a financially success you NEED to get comfortable looking at the numbers and knowing what they mean, knowing what they are telling you.
You don’t see any really successful CEO’s going round saying that they were rubbish at maths so just don’t understand their company finances – have you EVER heard a truly successful business owner say that? No?  Thought not.
It’s time to get your head out of….the sand (!)…and treat your business like a business.
It’s time to get a grip and get real.
You have not choice if you want to be financially successful…if you really want to create the life you want for you and your family.  
Business isn’t a game where you get to ignore bits that you don’t like….it’s about delivering you great money in your personal bank account every month – and if you are not willing to look at and understand (really, properly understand) what the numbers in your business are telling you, then you will not get to that place where you are getting a great, and consistent income from your business each month.
It’s time to stop and get a handle on it.

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