How to match bills to purchase orders in Xero

Annette Ferguson

Annette Ferguson

How to match bills to purchase orders in Xero

When you receive a bill from your supplier, Xero will let you know if there are any outstanding purchase orders waiting to be matched. You can then match one or multiple purchase orders and mark them as billed. Here’s how. When you enter a bill, you will be notified straight away if there’s an unbilled purchase order from the supplier. Click on “Copy Line Items to this Bill” and mark it as billed if the order has been completely fulfilled. 

The line by line items are automatically copied to the bill and you’re ready to go from there.

If there are multiple unbilled purchase orders for the supplier, then your option will appear as a list. This will take you to your purchase order listing where you can dive into those orders or multi select them to copy to your bill.

That’s how to match bills to purchase orders in Xero.

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