How to Create a Positive Mindset to Achieve Your Goals – 6 Steps

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One of the best things about the human mind is its capacities to steer big machinery, both literally and figuratively. We’ve seen spacecraft touch the face of the moon, and revolutions change the course of the world – all because of the brilliant human mind. In this article, we will be tackling which has focused on how to create a positive mindset to achieve your goals.

Today, you can harness your brilliant mind to achieve your goals. That’s step one to creating a positive mindset – knowing that you’re the captain of your ship and that it’s all up to you. Here are other steps you can take to hack your mind into achieving your goals.


1. Well, have goals and a positive mindset.

It all starts with clear, purpose-backed goals. You can only wield your mind to work towards something specific. Without a clear goal, you’ll be shooting arrows aimlessly, and that’s just a waste of energy. Decide on something higher than “to earn money”. Sit yourself down, and craft a goal so lofty you deserve a Disney movie.

Life’s not a fairy tale, sure, but Cinderella was our queen of positivity in thinking that “if you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true.” In true rags to riches fashion, she mopped and sang and wished her way to a happy ending. What you can learn from Cinderella is to have a dream and define it.

Is it to have £1,000,000? Sure, write it down and know that you’ll get exactly that amount and more. But more importantly, you need your Why. Why do you need that amount of money? What is it for? Answer your own questions so that you can get yourself back up and running towards your Why whenever you find yourself in a slump.

2. Cast out fear.

Now, a million pounds seem daunting and too scary. Before you know it, you’re back to slacking and sulking. It can be a manifestation of fear that instead of working towards your goals, you stop because you’re too scared to fail. You’re too afraid to be so invested in your goals that failing will be too painful.

You see, 90% of your fears will never come to pass. The four letters of the word fear stand for its definition: False Expectations Appearing Real. In other words, your worries are most likely irrational thoughts that you actually can get a hold of and throw away.

Here’s a trick that works. Cut up your big goal into smaller, bite-sized goals that you can use as stepping stones. You can cut up your goal of earning £1,000,000 into a monthly income of £100,000 that eventually builds a cash flow of £1,000,000. So instead of scaling a big and scary mountain, you get to take safer, surer strides.

3. Create an environment of positivity.

Most of us who are now working from home have more control over our work and living environment. A positive mindset can be easier to adopt if the physical environment is conducive to it. Maintain a clean, clutter-free, well-lit space for working. Make it your goal workshop; place motivational and inspiring quotes everywhere, and write out your goal in big, bold letters where you can always see it.

Aside from a physical workspace, part of creating a positive environment is knowing that It also regularly gets out. Nature has its way of improving the mind relax and refocus. Time logged off reality and in tune with your mind is never time wasted; instead, it helps you have a more productive, healthier mindset that would help you achieve your goals.

4. Adopt healthy habits.

Your business goals should support your life goals and vice versa. Thus, it follows that you shouldn’t neglect the other aspects of your life as you work towards the goals you set for your business. Moreover, an unhealthy aspect of your life will prove to be a big drag that pulls down the other areas you are otherwise working so hard on.

To illustrate, a business owner may be tackling work so incessantly that he loses sleep and neglects exercise. In the end, he might have the money, but would he still be able to enjoy it? Your guess is as good as mine. Another example is in how you handle your finances. All your hard work may be for nought if you’re throwing cash down the drain. You need to learn the top business finance tips and apply them pronto to not tire yourself out on a treadmill to nowhere.

Keeping a journal helps create healthy habits. Tick the boxes every day for when you ate well, spent wisely, read five pages of a book, worked out, or worked four hours in laser focus. Before you know it, everything is just coming out of you so naturally. The sooner you adopt healthy habits, the faster your mind will be well-conditioned towards achieving your goals.

5. Be aware of your thought process.

If you’re still unaware, it’s okay to fall and fail. You may have heard this a lot of times already, yet you might still be beating yourself up every time it happens. Because we live in a world that frowns upon mistakes, we tend to be affected by our own mistakes so much worse than they should.

The key to a positive mindset concerning making mistakes is knowing that you’ll never reach perfection; no one ever will. As you embrace that truth, you will be more gracious to yourself every time you fall off the path. It’s easier to pick yourself up to try again, knowing that you’re not less of a person because you failed.

Start with today. Were you unable to have a productive day yesterday? That’s okay. Today is your reset. Try again. Hack your thought process. Stop whatever negative description you have for yourself and replace it with truth: that you are more than capable of achieving your goals, so now you will.

6. Practice gratitude.

At the core of a positive mind is gratitude. Not grit, not passion, but gratitude. It fuels the soul into positive thoughts. It’s the choice to look at the bright side instead of the opposite. It’s the glass-half-full mentality instead of seeing the glass half-empty.

Say you weren’t able to make £100,000 this month. You only earned £70,000. Gratitude will say, “Great job, self. I am on my way to my goal; I will try again and will reach £100,000.” Combine the attitude of gratitude with your innate grit, passion, and hard work, and you have yourself a weapon no crisis can stop.

Every day, as you keep track of your habits, keep track of your gratitude list as well. What went well today? Spend some time appreciating what you have and what you were able to accomplish. It’s one of our most favourite, easiest ways towards a positive mindset.

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