Annette Ferguson

Annette Ferguson

Work Life Balance – How I balance my day


I want to start by saying that I do not have the beautifully nailed!
Like many, many people, I struggle in this area – which is, one big reason why I thought it would be helpful to share with you.

My day

What my day looks like. I have two very small children. 
I have a two-year-old and a four-year-old, my husband is a full time stay-at-home dad and I run my business full time. 
I work from home. 

The mornings

We all get up, we have breakfast together.
I start my work day, sometime between eight and nine. 
I will often go running before that. 
I love to run first thing. I feel like it’s a great start to the day for me mentally and physically. I find having outside time is hugely important to me. Also just get that time exercising, getting some blood pumping around my body. I find that massively helps me think better during the day and you know, helps me ultimately run a business better because of it. So, that is one thing that I have in my day which is massively, massively important for me as part of running a business, as part of my work-life balance. 

At my desk

Going into the day, I’m at my desk between half past eight and just after three o’clock. 
Where possible I try and stop for lunch but it’s usually a very, very brief stop, and I do school pick up. 
It’s about a 10 minute walk for us, so I am, I make sure my last call is finished at three. 
I finish up what I need to do, quarter past three, 20 past three I leave the house and I walk, so again I’m getting out in the fresh air, I’m getting some blood pumping around my body and you know I’m taking in nature bit as well. 

After school pick up

After that from around 3:30pm school pickup to  bed time with my kids, I am off work as much as I possibly but in all honesty I find it really, really hard. 
It’s not easy for me to try and not look at my phone. 
I do sneak in looks every so often but my entire plan is that actually come that 3:30pm pickup, my plan is to switch off for the day. 

The Evenings

What happens at the moment because I am one staff member down is that in the evenings I now pick up work. 
This is something I really don’t enjoy doing. 
I really want my evenings to be time with me and my husband or time for us to exercise, read, those kinds of things. 
At the moment, that is not how it is because some stuff has come back to me because I am a team member down. 
That means at the moment the balance is tipped much more in terms of work than I would like and not enough in terms of life. 

It’s Intertwined

The thing is that when you run your own business, these things are so intertwined because I love working. 
I often say that if I didn’t have a husband and kids, I would just work, work, work, sleep, work, work, work, work, sleep. 
Which is not healthy, but that is what I would do because I love doing it. 
So for me, there will always be a pull in each direction when it comes to balance. 
I have to work really hard with making sure that actually I am a, functioning wife, functioning mother. 
And I’m not in my work head all the time. I’m not constantly thinking about work. 
I have to make conscious efforts to move out of that sort of work brain and move into that family brain. 
It’s a battle for me every day to do that. 
It’s not an easy transition. 
You know, you might think from some of the stuff that you see online, that everyone else is managing this beautifully. 
It’s actually tough. 
I find it really tough. 
So, if you’re finding it tough too, don’t be too harsh on yourself. 
Sometimes I almost feel like when I finish the work day, I need some kind of decompression chamber to go in, to sort of come out and be able to switch off work and be able to not think. 
For me, it does help taking school pick up because at that walk to and from school, which kind of helps with that decompression as well. 
But it’s alway a challenge for me – and if it is for you too – then you are not doing anything wrong – it’s ok.
I hope that has been useful to have a little insight into my day and my work-life balance.