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Hiring a Profitable Dream Team

When you are looking at hiring, whether a fulltime employee, a contractor or a freelancer, you need to keep this in mind: you are taking in somebody to help and support you. That is why we will be discussing of hiring a profitable dream team in this content.

Thus, it is essential to build a profitable dream team and ensure that the people you are hiring know your goals so that they can align both their long term goals and their day-to-day tasks along with yours.

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Your Zone of Genius

The first thing you need to do is to put down on paper what your zone of genius is. Understanding what you excel at, and writing down everything associated with that, will give you clarity on what you need to focus on. Consequently, it will also provide you with clarity on what areas you can relegate to a profitable dream team.

Next, create a second list – everything else that you are doing at the moment that is outside your zone of genius. In this list, you need to think about the tasks that other people can do quicker, cheaper and smarter than you can. This list will determine what your next team hire is going to be, as it will point out what areas of expertise need help in.

As a business owner, you want to be focusing on your zone of genius as much as we possibly can, and you want to be hiring in people who are quicker, cheaper, and smarter than us to do the things that are outside our zone of genius.

Getting these two lists in place is so important, whether it’s your first or hundredth hire. It gives you a clear understanding of tasks that need to come off your plate so you can focus on your zone of genius.

How NOT to Build a Dream Team

But why do a lot of business owners fail at building a profitable dream team? When you start your hiring journey, you may be coming from a place of being overworked and overwhelmed. Whoever you hire then catches all the tasks you can’t do anymore, and then they get tired and overwhelmed.

Without knowing what they need to do, an employee would be tired going through a long list of tasks you dumped on them. This is not the way to build a profitable dream team. You will end up with employees with unclear job descriptions who feel like they’re navigating through the dark, who would have to come back to you over and over again for clarifications. Soon, you would end up feeling like everything you assign to them comes back at you tenfold. You’ll be in an endless loop of working aimlessly through tasks that don’t make sense to your overworked team, and you’re going to resent them and want to fire everyone and do things by yourself.

Except the thing is, you didn’t set them up for success when you hired them and then just chucked a ton of stuff at them. Your profitable dream team is only as good as you set them up to be. Your team’s failure is underperformance is, sorry, because of you.

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1. When you’re looking to hire, get your business organized. Get it in a place so that you’re clear what people can come in and do.

2. Set up the job description so that whomever you take in can have a positive effect on the bottom line in your business. Make sure there is some way that they can impact the bottom line. Otherwise, when you hire, it would feel like you have to work harder to pay someone else’s salary. Make sure that someone’s contributions to the business would impact the bottom line. This way, they are generating their salary and more.

3. Manage your profitable dream team based on a matrix that impacts the bottom line. Make sure that that your focus is evident as you think about the job descriptions you want to fill in, as these would influence the actions that every employee would need to take.

Many people complain that employees are draining their bank account, but fundamentally, they will execute what you tell them to do. Therefore, if you are not instructing them to do tasks that positively affect the bottom line, they won’t.

Don’t worry about accountability and expectation management; it is not micro-management. Making sure that you have those structures in place is incredibly important, as you are onboarding team members.

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Business mentor KellyRoach said, “It’s the team that’s behind the dream.” Your profitable dream team is so vital in the success of your business, and we need to know that you too have a role to play. You also need to support them and help them achieve their dreams.

Having an onboarding training process and expectation setting along the way is also going to be necessary to help build your profitable dream team. You want your team to buy into the mission for your business and your dreams. The way you can do that is by understanding theirs. If you can help them achieve their goals and their career success, they, in turn, will be supporting you to achieve yours.

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