Consuming content twice

Hello Money Makers and welcome to today’s top tip! This tip is around consuming content, other people’s content – and what I have started to do and I’ve found it’s made a massive difference (and just so you know I prefer consuming content audibly; listening to Audiobooks and podcasts etc.). So when I’m listening to content for the very first time I only listen it. And then I go back and listen for a second time and the second time I listen I’m taking notes and am writing down things that I would like to action from that content. The first listen I’m getting an overview and understanding of that content. The second listen through is actually when I’m writing stuff down that I would like to implement. I think that people often consume content but they don’t actually take away those actionable steps, those things that you can learn from the content that enable you to move your business forward – which is why you are probably listening to the content in the first place! So, I am listening/consuming content twice. Maybe a third time if the content is complex to make sure I can segment my understanding of that content.

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