Questions To Ask Your Accountant – Checklist

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As your company grows, you will most likely want to hire a professional to do the real work: managing your finances. A business owner can only do so much. It is an edge and an excellent entrepreneurial practice to know your business’s ins and outs, from the manufacturing process to the financial statements. However, employing an accountant’s help lets you stay on top of your finances, helping you make big decisions for the company, so here’s a checklist to remember.

For small entrepreneurs, it is practical to rely on accounting tools and software to manage business expenses and monetary transactions. It may be useful for the money, but it will mostly result in a costly mistake in the long-run. Even though you have been navigating the business industry for years, there will always be something you do not know.

Hiring a professional accountant is an advantageous move to make when you are navigating the business world. CPAs will help you weave through your deductions and tax plans, organize expenses, and manage financial statements. Investing in their expert services allows you to save money, improve your financial management, and provide a financial checklist.

In every business relationship, it is vital to create an open communication system. For your business’s betterment.

Here are some critical questions and a checklist to ask your accountant.

Checklist #1 – What business files do I need to provide?

It is essential to build a sense of trust with your hired accountant. This way, you can provide and share confidential company documents that they need to do their job. Some may be obvious, but it is better to ask them what specific files they need so that you wouldn’t be left scrambling in haste come tax season.

Checklist #2 – How do you plan to prepare me for tax season?

Half the reason you hired an accountant is to help you survive your annual tax liabilities. Tax preparation becomes tedious and messy when armed only with your unprofessional wits. Before the filing month begins, ask every question you have in mind to untangle the confusion and do the number crunching early on.

Ask about your tax credits, industry-related tax guidelines, and clarify your tax deductions. There are legitimate business expenses that you can deduct from your tax return without you even knowing it. Such things are car and travel expenses, office equipment, phone bill, and internet bill. Also, it is vital to ask about any recent changes in the tax law that can potentially affect your firm.

#3 – How can you help me manage my finances?

Another reason for hiring a CPA is to help you manage the projections of your cash flow. Positive cash flow means a healthy and expanding venture. Ask your accountant to help you understand your finances and what areas you need to improve about it. Also, your accountant should present you with an organized cash flow system to help improve your business operations.

#4 – How can we improve and grow my business?

Although a successful venture is not in the hands of an accountant, hiring the right one guarantees that you are on the right road. The right one will help you understand and navigate your firm’s accounting and finance department – a department that has a significant impact on the overall growth of your venture.

Your accountant helps you build a practical financial model that can optimize the flow of your transactions. They can lend their expert services to guide you in accounting-related decisions. These are just a few of the things that they can help you with— a few things that directly affect the growth of your venture.

5 – What business mistakes am I making?

The prime reason for hiring a CPA is to get expert advice and sound judgment. Not being open to criticisms will lead you nowhere. By asking this, you are making it known that you are free to corrections. This way, your accountant will feel comfortable making suggestions while pointing out areas that need improvement.


Hiring a professional to handle your company finances coping up with your checklist is a step toward a successful venture. An expert takes in investments and taxes is what you need to improve your company’s financial position in the industry.  Follow us on Instagram for more quick business and industry tips, we want to share them with you.

Annette Ferguson

Annette Ferguson

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