Are you addicted to buying courses to help you in your business?
I know that I am...I LOVE learning.
But I am pretty sure that's not the biggest reason I buy course after course...
You see, I'm chasing something...
Chasing success...
Chasing my dreams...
Chasing my next level...
And I am very strategic about what course I invest in.
It has to be one that drives me towards my goals.
It has to be one that I have the time and capacity to implement.
It has to be one where I KNOW I will achieve the outcomes I want.
And of course, purchasing it is not enough.
You need to actually put the work in...whatever that type of work is.
Are you a course purchasing addict like me?
What was the last course you purchased?
And are you GREAT at implementing or is that where things go a little wonky ?

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