[VID] Are too many business owners NOT authentic?

Hey everyone, Annette Ferguson here.

Thank you for joining me live today on my Facebook page.

So today I am gonna be speaking about business owners who have lost their authenticity, who are no longer authentic, and how that's kind of ruining businesses.

For those of you that don't know me, my name is Annette Ferguson, I am an income strategist and profit mentor and CEO of Annette & Co., a U.K. based accounting firm.

And for me, I feel like a huge number of people are not showing up authentically as themselves.

I feel like people put on this kind of mask, this kind of in air quotes, professional persona.

And I feel that it's really damaging to their business, I feel it's really damaging to themselves and I feel it's really damaging to the world of social media because there's just so much fakeness, right.

No one leads an Instagram life, not really.

And it feels to me like there's just too many people not, not wanting to be real, not wanting to state their views and opinions and their truths, and just kind of going along with what's expected, going along with the flow, and not really being who they are.

Putting this kind of, like I said, this mask on where they're, they feel like they're expected to be a certain person or act a certain way or show up in a certain way that's not actually them, that's not really in line with the person they are that they don't really truly feel comfortable about doing but they're actually scared to show up any other way because showing up as their true selves brings up a lot of feelings, and means that it's actually a little bit scary, and that's often why people back off from stuff, right, because of fear.

But for me, I think that the more that you show up authentically as yourself, 100% speaking your truth all the time, that can only be a positive thing, that can only be a positive thing not only for your own mental wellbeing, right, because who wants to try being two different people or three different people or five different people in different versions of their life.

That's just so hard.

Who wants to do that?

We want to all just be who we are.

And be known for who we are, and liked for who we are and all that kind of stuff, which brings up its own emotions if we're scared of going out and being who we are.

But setting that aside for a moment, people buy from people they know, like, and trust, and if you're turning up not as your authentic self, people can feel that.

People can tune in to something being just a little bit odd, and I feel like with all these people that we see just now who are not quite showing up truly as them, I feel like it's putting a barrier in the way of their business, and I feel like it's putting a barrier in the way of their growth because when we authentically show up as ourselves, we attract those people that are attracted to that, that are attracted to us and our business, by virtue of us being ourselves, being authentic to who we are, and sharing our authentic messages, our messages that speak from our heart, and not kind of these plastic versions.

You know, we see a lot of stuff just now that is, you know, grow your coaching business in three hours, from zero to seven million, and I'll show you how, and all that kind of stuff.

And it just feels really fake, right, it just feels really inauthentic, and that, for me, doesn't attract me to those kinds of things, because it just doesn't feel like it's coming from the person authentically, it feels like it's some kind of Plasticine moulded, marketing speak that's being made up for them, and it doesn't feel like it comes from the person at all.

So for me, showing up authentically is really important in that regard.

Another way that I find really difficult is if I see pictures of people on social media online, and then I go and have a video call with them, and they look nothing like their photo that I've been kind of virtually speaking to, I personally find that really inauthentic if people look nothing like the image that I feel like I've been talking to and then when I speak to them on video call, I feel like, I kind of feel let down, actually, I kind of feel like they were lying to me with their picture because they look nothing like their picture.

Their picture was maybe taken 20 years ago, or you know, to get their pictures done, they go their hair and makeup and all that kind of stuff styled in a way that's very different to how they do it normally.

And so for me, there's just a real mismatch there, and I just don't get that, I don't, it just doesn't sit well with me.

So there's a lot of ways that I think that people are not really, for me, showing up authentically as themselves, and I think when people start to show up more authentically as themselves and who they are, when they stop putting on this kind of, like I said before in air quotes, professional persona, when they stop pretending to be somebody else through their pictures and their posts and their images and their words, then actually that's when your business will start to flourish and take off in the way that you want it, when you're actually able to show up as your true self, and when you're able to, then, in, you know, it's not just the physical thing of the picture doesn't look like the person, it also comes down to what you say and the messages you put out there, and always speaking the truth, your truth, always going out there and turning up and speaking your truth and not pretending, not faking it.

You know, I hate this phrase, "Fake it till you make it." I just don't believe in it.

I think that, I think that it's really, I think it's just really wrong, and I find it really inauthentic.

I think nothing should be fake in our lives. I think fake is a really horrible word to be aspiring to. I think there are versions of fake it till you make it.

I think it's, you know, you've seen the picture I'm sure on Facebook saying dress for the job you want and it's got somebody dressed as batman as a little bit of a joke.

But I kind of get that type of stuff.

You know, getting into the right mindset of where you want to be rather than where you are.

All that stuff is really important, but the fake it till you make it, don't like it.

You know, you get these people out there who are hiring cars for their Instagram posts, who are hiring girls, who are putting backdrops of beaches behind them when they're not there.

All that kind of stuff, that's just horrible and icky and fake and really inauthentic, and that stuff has to stop, right, because that stuff's just not nice.

And I'm gonna go back to that know, like, and trust factor, because when you know, like, and trust somebody, that's when you're more likely to do business with them.

And if you feel that there's something weird and fake about the messages and the images and the personality that the person that you're speaking to is putting across, you're not gonna buy from them, right?

So their business is not gonna be as successful as it could be if actually they were being real with you and they were being honest.

And this is kind of also one reason why I have just recently started my daily vlog as well, because I wanna show people that you know what, being in business is not all flowers and roses.

It's not unicorn dust, right.

Sometimes there are really hard days.

Sometimes things happen that we don't like and we don't want to happen, but they just do.

So the purpose of my daily vlog that I am doing is to show you guys that. Is to show that actually, you know what, building a business isn't always fun.

There are hard days, there are really hard days that you don't want to happen again whether it be with customers or staff or tech, or you know, you've done an idea and it's not gone right, you've done a launch and it's flopped.

All these things happen in our businesses, right. But they're the things that people aren't talking about.

So in my daily vlog, I'm gonna be showing, sharing the good, the bad, the wins, the losses.

Gonna be sharing it all because I believe that it's in our authenticity and showing up in our true self that actually we make a difference in this world.

That we make a difference to our customers and our clients, that we make a difference to our friends and our family, and these things are becoming increasingly important to me in my life, which is why I'm gonna be going all out there, and showing up everywhere as authentically as I possibly can because like I said before, no one leads an Instagram life, and we don't want, and I don't want people who are starting in business today to look at established business owners and think that they do.

To look and feel like they're failing because they've not done certain things or they've not achieved certain things by certain dates.

I don't want that for people.

I want people to understand that, yeah, their business might not be where they are today, but that's okay because everyone is on a journey, everyone makes mistakes, everyone fails at times, and that's okay, that is authentic and that is real, and that is why people, why people are not being authentic just now because they don't want to share those things, they don't want to share that, you know what, today has been a crappy day.

People don't like sharing those things, do they?

They only like sharing their wins.

And for me, there are just far too many business owners who are scared to be authentic.

And I implore you to step out of that fear, to not let that rule your business, and to turn up and be authentic, to share the wins and the losses.

To show up every day and speak your truth, not to sugarcoat things, not to hide things, but to speak your truth every single day.

And I believe that in doing that, your business will thrive and grow and prosper as a result.

So like I said, my name is Annette Ferguson, I am an income strategist, profit mentor, and CEO of Annette & Co., and thank you so much for tuning in to this Live today,

I really do appreciate your time, and I will speak to you again very soon.

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