Do you have a habit you want to change but can’t?
People struggle their entire life trying to change bad habits, because they neglect to take the most foundational step.
To change a bad habit, you must first change the WORDS you use to describe yourself.
If you call yourself lazy yet try to establish a habit of drive, it will be impossible to change. Lazy people aren’t driven.
If you call yourself easily distracted yet try to stay focused on the projects at hand, it will be impossible to change. Easily distracted people can’t focus.
If you call yourself a bad leader yet try to lead change, it will be impossible. Bad leaders can’t lead.
And guess what - if you say you are bad with money, no good with numbers, and are not financially successful - you won’t be.
If you want to establish a new, good habit you must first start describing yourself with new, good words. 
We become what we believe, and we believe what we say about ourselves.
Now that doesn’t mean that you should ignore the actions that are needed…but you need to start thinking differently about your relationship with money in your business if that is an area you want to change