You need to start taking your business seriously (unless you want to continue with that "hobby" you are calling a business right now).

One of the MAIN reasons you went into business was to make money 💰It was BIG reason. 

Don't try to tell me the main reason was to make a difference - if it was you would have started a charity and NOT a business. 

You're running a business (or supposed to be). 👩💻 

The purpose of a business is to deliver money to it's stakeholders - so you and your family. 👨👩👧👦

If your business isn't doing that, and doing it well, then you have a hobby. You don't have a business if you are not taking good money home every month from the work you put in. 💥 

You see hobbies take our money and our time and give us no financial reward - is that what your business is doing? 🔥

If it is...It's time to wake up ⚡️ 

It's time to get real 💥 

It's time to stop playing at being a business owner 👩💻 

Stop f**king around...and get a grip. 🌪 

You need to step into your CEO role...and do it fast otherwise you'll not have a "business" for much longer. The cash will run out if you don't wake up. 

Now is the time...💕💥⚡️ 

PS: If you are struggling to reach your inner CEO then we need to talk...we need to figure out why otherwise you will not have a business for long.

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