Not speaking about money means nothing will ever change.
Money has become a taboo subject - people don't share how much they make or how much they take home from their business.
Often we are afraid of being judged because we are not making what we want; or we're doing that "fake it till you make it thing" (which is a lie by the way).
We don't want to loose face.
We don't even admit to ourselves, often, what our true money situation is in our business (and often personally too). 
But if you don't start acting differently - if you don't get help - how are things going to change? 
You've not changed them on your own before, so why should now be any different? 
The truth needs to come out to someone before you burst...before things get even worse...before you have to fold because there is no cash left 
Who are you going to reach out to, to help you out of this? 
✋️ STOP burying your head in the sand - it's time to be grown up about your business finances.
💥 NOW is the time - not - I'll think about it (how had that worked for you in the past?)
⚡️CHANGE the conversation you have with and about money.

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