The only definition of a leader is someone with followers.
And I believe that to scale a business beyond 6-figures we need to become truly a leader.
When you do your thing, you do it YOUR way, the way that works for lead.
No two leaders are alike...and they shouldn’t be.
Trying to copy a leader so you can achieve the success they have is pointless...yes, learn from them...but straight up copying, that just doesn’t work...that isn’t going to see you through to the next level.
But there are 2 things in common that EVERY leader has:
  1. They get things done 
  2. You can trust them 
Getting things done happens because leaders have a purpose and a mission, which they focus on.
Trust is the conviction that a leader means what s/he is a belief in is their actions and beliefs being is being consistent.
Do you know your purpose and mission?
Are you doing the things necessary for your followers to trust you?