When business owners get together there can often be chat about the size of each other's business.

How big is your business - usually gets met with an answer that is revenue based.

But really…WHO CARES about revenue?

So you're running a multi-million pound company - who cares if you are living in a tiny flat on which you can barely afford the rent and you're eating baked beans every night for dinner.

What about PROFIT?

No one speaks about profit - or business health.

Having a great profit plan in place, which you can implement, and means you take home lots more money for you and your family to enjoy, is much more impressive than having a great big revenue number which doesn't result in any profit.

If you want to focus on PROFIT and getting more money out of your business for you and your family to enjoy then we should have a chat about plugging the Business Wealth Engine into your business...

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