Putting all your eggs in one basket

Putting all your eggs in one basket

A little while back we have had an “interesting”(!) thing happen in our business…we are locked out of Instagram.

We cannot login with any device…we cannot now post via any 3rd party app - nothing.

However the account is still visible!

We have no email from Instagram to say anything is wrong with the account.

We (at the moment) have no idea why we cannot access it - either on mobile (and we’ve tried multiple devices) or desktop.

But it really highlights the fact that on social media, we are renting real estate. The social media platform is not our own platform, and if something goes a bit wonky…and all your eggs are in one social media platforms basket…then there is a problem.

The take aways are - make sure that you are producing content on you own real estate (ie your website) then syndicating to social media, so that if a social media platform goes down for you, you still have all your content somewhere. Secondly, it is so important not to just build your audience on one platform, again, because if the platform goes down for you, then you have no audience any more. And thirdly, this is also why growing you list from social media is so important, because, hopefully(!) lots of my instagram follows are also on my list and so will still receive my content but just into their inboxes instead of their instagram feed for now.

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