But you're on holiday - I'm not 🤨

This morning I was working from the cafe at the campsite we are staying...as a little back story - we packed up our London life, bought a caravan, and are travelling around Europe for a few months as a family, whilst I continue to work and run my business...

Anyway...I was working from the cafe and the waiter was clearing up and said to me “working hard” 

My response was - “yes!”

And he said - “but you’re on holiday”

Except the thing is - I’m not. 

Now given where I was, and the fact the sun was shining - it was not an unreasonable assumption - however it was just that - an assumption about his customer.

The way he spoke made it sound like it was a bad thing I was working from my laptop, outside in the sun, with a view of the pool - when in fact it was 100% the opposite - I was loving the fact that I could do this. 

Sometimes it’s too easy to put our own narratives on our clients situations and not properly observe and listen to exactly how THEY are feeling and therefore figure out how WE can help the situation as it is for them. 

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