Business is not a blueprint!

Business is not a blueprint!

There is no one size fits all in business. We see all these things like ‘Learn how I got from £0 - £1 M in three weeks and you can too!’ 

There is no one size fits all!

We are all different and we are all taking different experiences to the plate when we show up in our businesses. So yes, we can get inspiration and ideas from other people but you cannot take just take a blueprint from someone else and replicate it exactly and feel like that is being authentic to us…

You’ll be setting your business up to basically achieve exactly the same as what someone else has achieved but that is not you: 

You are a different person.
You have a different life. 
You have a different family. 
You have different business needs. 

A straight copy blueprint is not work in the way you want it too!

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