I know as a business owner we don't really like paying many clients when they come to me, their major focus is - how can I pay less tax, what can I claim, what can I spend money on to reduce my tax bill...and I get it...we want to not fork out a whole load of cash to the government.
Do you want to spend money on inflated expenses instead?  
That's the alternative right?  
If you want to have a break even business, if you want to pay no tax and therefore make no profit, then you have no money, and you have big expenses in your business instead...and you take no, or very little money home...
...which means you also have a break even life a life where you are not earning what you are not contributing to your family what you could...and you are not valuing yourself or your business highly enough.
Instead of wanting to pay NO tax and leading a break-even about making GREAT profits, and yes that means paying tax, but it also means having a GREAT LIFE and being able to take home MUCH MORE MONEY from your business (even with a bigger tax bill!)

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