Looking at how your competitor does business and trying to copy everything they do will NEVER serve you business success...and here's why...
Firstly - you don't truly know how they are doing financially - are they actually profitable? 
Sure they might be bringing in lots of income but is that converting to profit? 
Secondly -  you are not in tune with your true self, with your own, unique, true gift, if you are copying them…and only when you really work that out will you eliminate all competition from your business - because no-one will ever to able to be you and run your business the way you can (which is a good thing by the way!!) 
Finding out what YOUR unique gift is...the one that only you have...the one that causes your clients true transformations is where your business needs to be so it can cut through all the noise and eliminate any competition.
Your prospects will only then be drawn to YOU since no one else can do what YOU do.