4 Layers of Accountability

Now I’m going to start by stating that this is not something that I came up with…but it is something that I learned and have expanded upon…

Holding ourselves accountable…REALLY accountable is REALLY hard for most people…after all, who will know if I just have one chocolate bar... (is that just me thinking that?!) 

That is why programs and courses that involve a layer (or a few layers) of accountability result in the participants performing massively better than those that don’t. Because with the best will in the world…sometimes we just don’t do stuff (!) 

So I came across this concept of 4 layers of accountability from Carey Bentley - a productivity and accountability expert. 

And I thought…this makes sense…so I put it into practice…and it works…really, really well! 

So let me explain the 4 layers, and why they work so well, and the tweaks that I have made to super charge this strategy in my business and in my life… 

The thing is that accountability WILL elevate your discipline…even if you are an introvert (like me!) 

The four overlapping layers of accountability get you doing what you want to do, but are putting off…they, well, hold you accountable!! 

Layer 1 is a leader/boss/mentor/teacher/coach - whatever you want to call them - but they created a place of elevated expectations for you. They don’t want you to be average, their expectations are MUCH higher than that. The person in this position sets the bar high for you…no excuses allowed! Now this doesn’t need to be a 1-2-1 relationship where you have a mentor you talk to every day/week/month - the most important thing in this layer is that there is a high bar set for you, but that they also have YOUR best interests at heart. 

Layer 2 is a team/mastermind - people that you respect who are at the same level as you, who are all moving towards the same goal. And if you really respect those people it makes you highly motivated (in the same way that with any team, if there is a high level of respect then there is a high level of motivation - perhaps that is a topic for another post!). One great part about a team too is the competition, even if you are a person that doesn’t feel like they like competition!! If someone else is achieving and you have all the excuses in the book…then the competition aspect is going to squash your excuses pretty fast! Teams help us really step up. And when it comes to the team - you have to give and engage with the team! 

Layer 3 is a buddy - this is a 1-2-1 relationship - you are responsible for their results and they are responsible for your results. So if you are thinking your best friend might be your buddy…but your best friend will not call you out when you are making excuses…who won’t be susceptible to emotional bribery.

Layer 4 is a community - this is public accountability. So in sports this happens with the fans. What you can do is create opportunities for public declarations on social media, or to your clients for example. Take an action that commits you to the outcome. 

Everyone knows that we need discipline to get things done, and when you layer the accountability then it really helps create that solid accountability and that discipline to move things forward in your business…to help you achieve the goals YOU set for yourself. 

So in implementing these layers I have found.

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