Annette Ferguson

Annette Ferguson

It’s really important to me that the people that I follow, the people that I have as my mentors, they are at least one (and sometime two) steps ahead of me in the journey.

I don’t want to work with a visibility coach who is less visible than me!

I don’t want to work with a health coach who is more unhealthy than me!

I don’t want to work with a social media manager who’s less social than me!

Because I believe that in order to help someone achieve something, you should be able to help yourself achieve it first…

I believe that you should be one or two steps ahead of your ideal client in the area that they want help with.

What do you think?

Many of my clients work with me because I have been there…I have been at a place where I wasn’t getting the money I wanted or needed from my business…and I turned that around massively…and my clients want that too.

Do your clients choose you because you have been in their shoes?

(I not having a go at these roles/businesses in particular…this is just an example )

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