#AskAnnette: Can I use Xero when I do Profit First?

Annette Ferguson

Annette Ferguson

xero with profit first

Can you use Xero with Profit First?

I often get asked by clients, and people on Social Media if you can use Xero with Profit First – if both of those go together ok, or if implementing Profit First, means that they have to ditch Xero.

Profit First is a cash management system (which helps you make lot more profit and take home a lot more money).

Xero is bookkeeping software used to track the in’s and out’s of your business money.

Profit First is not used for bookkeeping, it’s used for cash management.

Xero is not used for cash management, it’s used for historical bookkeeping and reporting.

So you see – using one does not hinder the other at all. They are used for different purposes in the financial management of a financially healthy business.

So does that means you can use Xero with Profit First?!

All that means is that YES you can use Xero with Profit First (in fact that is absolutely the combo I recommend) – one does not hinder the other – in fact – they are both necessary (in my opinion) for a financially healthy company.

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