Are people telling you they can’t afford your services?

Annette Ferguson

Annette Ferguson

Just because someone says they are not buying from you because of the price does not make it true…but it might be….

Usually people use price as an easy excuse to give in relation to why they don’t want to buy from you and in reality, only 20% of purchasing decisions are made based SOLELY on price.   

So how do you know if your potential buyers are really being truthful when they say they are not buying because of price?

Well firstly, what they are saying really, when they say no to you, is…

This is not a priority for me right now

If your thing was a REAL priority, they would find a way to be able to afford it.

But if you are often hearing the “I can’t afford your services” then what do you need to ask YOURSELF in order to change things around?

Are you selling to the right person?

Are the people you are speaking to in need of your services, and have the means to pay you for those services?  

Without both – then they are not your ideal client.  

Your ideal client can pay you for your services.

Is your messaging right?

Are you good, fast or cheap?

If you are giving the message that your thing, is good and fast…people expect to pay more, whereas if your messages are all around how cheap you are then, well, of course, people expect you to be cheap.

Are you sending out the right messages about your positioning in the marketplace to your prospects?

And are YOU clear on the value you are delivering to your clients/prospects – because if you are not 100% clear, then it will never come over when you speak to them.

Are you selling the right thing?

Are you selling the benefits of what your thing is?  I will save to time, money, etc..

Or are you selling the features? We get on 4 calls, I give you a template etc…

For people to purchase, they need to know how your thing actually impacts their life, and so the benefits need to be really clear to them.

So is it really true that people can’t afford your services?

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